the apprentice


A:On the latest episode of “The Apprentice”, Donald Trump fired himself! 问:你是怎么知道(美国)经济不过是变得更糟? 答:在最后一集的《谁是接班人》节...


The Monkey and the Crocodile

"Take me over to the island and after I've eaten some mangoes, we'll go back to my tree and I'll get my


The writing on the wall

Pop group Destiny’s Child ( came out with an album titled “The Writings on the Wall” in 19


by the way,in the way,on the the way英译英训练

见到in the way,能说出这些学过的英语,而不是仅仅是只会说中文“占道”,我们的英语才会有进步。 2. You’ll have to move — you’re in my way. 你是...